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Marie Gillezeau

(Founder, Chief Sleep Officer)

Hi! I’m Marie- your trained and certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant!

As a mother of two I have had my own sleep struggles. Sleep training my own kids and helping clients around the world get their little ones well rested and thriving is my passion and mission. Families can take control of their situation with the tools, knowledge and, most important, self belief, to more fully enjoy their little ones without the anxiety and stress caused by sleepless nights.

The gift of restorative sleep for parent and child is priceless and vital for our health, growth and well being!

Referral Program

If you refer someone to me and they become a client, you will automatically receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

You do not have to be a past client to be part of the referral program, but you will need to contact me directly to let me know about the person you referred or have them tell me your information.

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